I have now racked up close to 100,000kms on that first set of Cooper Tyres

Hi Andrew, I first chose to fit Cooper Tyres to my Toyota Hilux after speaking to fellow columnists and contributors at “Overlander 4WD” magazine. Several of them spoke very highly of the brand… Continue reading

In my view the new Cooper S/TMAXX is the best all-terrain tyre Australia’s ever seen. I just love ‘em!

Given that we’ve been GPS mapping the Outback for over 15 years and have mapped over 250,000km of roads and tracks, you could say we go out of our way to simply ‘get… Continue reading

Unbelievable grip both on and off-road

The Couplertec 1996 Landcruiser has travelled 300,000km through some of Australia’s harshest conditions including gruelling trips to Cape York and regular trips along the majestic sandy beaches of Moreton and Fraser Islands. Our… Continue reading

Now one set of tyres does it all

Before long weekends and trips, I used to change my on-road tyres for my off-road tyres. It was something I’d always had to do. Then earlier this year, Cooper’s new tyres were flown… Continue reading


While everyone loves getting out and experiencing the beauty of Australia, not everyone loves to rough it in the bush. The new trend of glamping (glamorous camping) means you no longer have to… Continue reading

Bush Accommodation: Caravans

There are some great caravans on the market today to suit a variety of needs. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of pop top and off-road caravans. Pop Top… Continue reading

Bush Accommodation: Camper Trailers

If you want more convenience and comfort than a tent or swag on your next 4WD trip why not consider a camper trailer. There are some great options out on the market today… Continue reading

Bush Accommodation: Tent VS Swag

The choice of swag or tent is a personal one which is dependent on your individual needs. A swag is good for shorter overnight trips and are quick and easy to ensemble, while… Continue reading

Discovering Australia

Australia is home to some of the best and most exciting 4WD tracks in the world. Whether you are touring by yourself or with your family there is something for everyone. If you… Continue reading

Balfour Track: A Tassie Treasure

If you’re looking for a fantastic track to challenge your 4WDing abilities the Balfour Track in Tassie is a gem. The track is located approximately 5km south of Temma on the far North… Continue reading